About Us:

Camorigs.com was born out of a dirty back-seat union between the Tactical and Skydiving communities. Both require high quality gear to save lives, and both produce gear that looks GREAT in camouflage patterns. Camorigs.com exists to serve the common ground that is shared by these two worlds, where everyone can agree that breaking stuff on command and flying at terminal velocity is JUST PLAIN FUN.

We're proud to offer some of the world's best sport containers in Genuine Crye MultiCam, Desert & Temperate Marpat (Commercial), Woodland, Army Universal Camo and Tri-Color Desert, among other patterns. We have in-house products as well, such as our Magnetic Slider Keeper, Packing Mat and Canopy Bag- designed and made right here in the USA. These Camorigs.com branded products originate from the input of jumpers and master riggers on our staff, and draw from years of experience in CAD design and the latest manufacturing processes.

In (late) 2012, we will be launching a new line of skydiving gloves called Valkyrie- YES, finally a purpose-made glove for jumping that actually fits like a glove. We will from time to time offer a few established off-the-shelf skydiving items, but the intent is not to become another one-stop-shop for all things skydiving. Based on our 10+ years of success in the Tactical equipment business with SKD Tactical, we are choosing to keep it small, keep it selective, and keep it real.

So we hope that you enjoy our little corner of the Skydiving & Tactical universe. We encourage everyone on either side of the fence to go explore the other. And for the few of you who are straddling the fence and wreaking havoc on both sides, we hope you've found a place to bookmark on your browser.

Blue Skies & Be Safe,
Your friends at Camorigs.com